Do you have a dread of dealing with your personal or professional accounting issues like income tax, invoicing, payroll etc? 

Well, take a deep breath and relax, help is here. Consider me, Brendan Doyle, to be your personal accounting and book-keeping wizard and doctor.

Magic does indeed happen!headtable

I have more than 40 years’ experience of diminishing my clients headaches, anxiety and distress in filing their financial returns.

Some folks like to play with engines, while others like to play with food, and others like to build houses and empires and bridges. I was born to play with, and make the sense of, the insensible. I was born to play with and love figures, maths, sums, the Revenue Commissioners, VAT, PRSI, USC, Capital Gains Tax etc.

I was born with an ability (well it took me a little while) to turn the mangled into a thing of order and, dare I say it, beauty.  Have you ever appreciated the beauty (and relief) that comes from gazing on a beautifully produced set of financial returns? YOUR tax returns!

I offer a one on one service to individuals, to the self-employed, to small companies, to large companies on maintaining and filing matters financial.